Feathered Members of The Wild Classroom
(You are listening to the call of our screech owl, Maya. Recorded by Barbara Barnett. Formatted for Internet by Scott Campbell)
Red-tailed Hawk, Jamaica
Photo on left by Lincoln Karim
Mississippi Kite , Havana
Photo by Giovanni

Eastern Screech Owls,
and Maya

Click to play Maya's call.

Eastern Screech Owls, Maya, Red and Otus
Photo on left by Lincoln Karim, photo on right by Dean Jue

Barred Owl, Cedar (above)
Photo by Hal Hill

Great Horned Owl, Bubo (right)
Photos by Lincoln Karim

American Kestrel, Gypsy
Photo on left by Lincoln Karim,
Photo on right by Mike Ewen

Wild Classroom Photos

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