Student Projects for A Land Remembered

1.) Your Journal

1. Pretend you are one of the main characters. The first three characters we meet are Tobias and Emma and their son, Zech.

Keep a journal of your activities, including your travels through Florida and the hardships you experience. (This story covers over 100 years, so when your character dies, choose another character.)

Include many details: what you saw, what you ate, how you felt, etc.

Your journal entries should be neatly written or typed, and edited for spelling, punctuation, capitalization, etc. Include illustrations (pictures). *Take notes as you read so you won't forget details you will want to include later in your journal entries.

4th and 5th graders:
Each of your journal entries should be about one page (that's about four paragraphs or about 200 words.)

3rd graders
Each of your journal entries should be about one paragraph (about five sentences)

DUE : One journal entry will be due after you finish reading every five chapters. A total of four journal entries will be due for each volume of the story (there are two volumes).

WHERE and How: You may type them in class and keep them in your Student Work Folder on the Class Server. You can also type them at home and e-mail them to Mrs. Beck. You will save each journal entry as Journal 1, Journal 2, etc. and put them in a Land Remembered folder in your Student Work folder.

2.) A Land Remembered Map

As you read, on your out line map of Florida, show where you settled, visited and camped and the routes you took. Use a current map of Florida to help you locate cities, rivers, etc. Make your own symbols. Include a map key to explain the symbols. Remember to add to your map as you read. Keep it with your Journal.

DUE: As you read.
WHERE: Your reading folder

3.) Vocabulary

Keep a list of new vocabulary words you find while you are reading. When you read a word you don't understand, write it down with the page number. Later, use the book's vocabulary list or a dictionary to learn and write the definition (meaning).

DUE: As you read.
WHERE: Your spelling and vocabulary folder.

4.) Florida History Interview Assignment

1. Ask your parents to help you find an older person who has lived in Florida a long time. Ideas: your grandmother, great grandmother, an older neighbor, a member of your church or temple, etc. Or call a local nursing home or assisted living center and ask their Activities Director to help you.

2. Make an appointment with the older person. Ask him or her if it would be OK to videotape or record the interview and to take pictures.

3. Ask your parent to record your interview with a video camera or a cassette recorder.

4. Also, take photographs or draw pictures of the person you interview.

5. After the interview, listen to the cassette tape or watch the video tape. Neatly type your questions and the answers to your questions. Then, e-mail your interview (questions and answers) to Mrs. Beck. It is very important to send it as an "attachment."

If you don't have a computer or e-mail at home, neatly write the interview at home, then you can will type the interview later at school.

Your typed interview and pictures are due two weeks after Spring Break, Monday, April 15th. Some students will also create a Powerpoint presentation to share with the class.

You may also add your own open-ended questions (questions that can't be answered with a simple "Yes" or "No")

1. When and where were you born?

2. Where did you grow up?

3. What kinds of games did you play?

4. What were your favorite foods?

5. What were your hobbies?

6. What kinds of chores did you do?

7. What pets did you have? What were they like?

8. What did you do during the summer?

9. What school or schools did you go to and where were were they?

10. What was school like?

11. What kinds of clothes were popular when you were young?

12. What kind of music was popular when you were young?

13. What kind of jobs did you have?

14. Did you experience any bad hurricanes? If so, please tell me about your experiences.

15. What was the happiest time of your life? Could you tell me about it?

16. What was the most tragic event you experienced? Could you tell me about it?

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