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10 Promising Data Science Career Options - Wild Classroom
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10 Promising Data Science Career Options

Data science is one of the most promising industries today, with a lot of appealing opportunities. It is estimated that after 2020, there will be around 1.5 lakh vacancies in various data-related firms. For the last four years, data science-related jobs have held the top rank among different jobs offered in the United States. 

The top ten data science jobs that have caught the attention of people the most are discussed below:

  1. Data scientist

With the massive amount of data used every day, the data world is a very dynamic space. Data scientists help keep the flowing data in an organized way, which helps different companies plan their strategies accordingly. Data scientists are well-trained in predicting market patterns by analyzing data software. The demand for data scientists with fluent skills in examining structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data will increase more in the near future.

  1. Data analyst

Data analysis is another appealing job in the data science field. Data analysts’ main responsibility is to go through numerous data sets and transform or manipulate them according to the company’s needs. They work in close proximity to the management to build a list of data requirements for the respective projects.     

  1. Machine learning engineer

Machine learning engineers deliver software solutions and create data funnels. They use artificial intelligence on a large scale for automatic data analysis. They explore and apply suitable algorithms and tools. 

  1. Data engineer

Data engineers process the gathered data and make the data readable and understandable for data scientists. They work in cooperation with the data scientists. Data engineers are responsible for managing the development, maintenance, construction, and testing architectures of data sets.

  1. Machine learning scientists

Machine learning scientists research new approaches to find the right tools and algorithms, supervised learning techniques, etc., for machine learning engineers.

  1. Data architect

The architects build new and improved database systems to help the company’s data ecosystem. Data scientists develop data solutions for design analytics and multi-platform presentation applications in correspondence to the company rules and regulations, maintaining company integrity, and studying the databases properly. The rise in data science automation increases job opportunities more for data architects.

  1. Business intelligence developer

In the corporate world, the demand for business intelligence developers is one of the highest. They help in deciding company policies and are responsible for making more intelligent business decisions. They either use customized tools or BI analytic tools to code, test, design, debugging, and implement these tools. 

  1. Statistician

Statisticians can gather data and interpret them in simpler terms. Therefore, they are a great help to decision-makers. They also help with collected data designing, advising strategies to the organizations, and communicating data to stakeholders.

  1. Enterprise architect

Enterprise architects are responsible for making the company’s strategy aligned with the technical solutions that are offered. They work for the company’s IT models and are responsible for the creation, preservation, improvement, and management of these models. Enterprise architects also work in close proximity to the management.

  1. Infrastructure architect

Infrastructure architects supervise the overall existing business infrastructure and see to it if they require any technological support. Hiring infrastructure architects is cost-optimizing for the company, and they guarantee tools for analyzing data.

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