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What is necessary and what is not essential for the joint entrance examination – JEE


Regular work and studies. I mean, very regularly, as with usual tasks.

Relaxation and the passage of time. This. In reality. All work and no play makes Jack dull. However, don’t overspend time doing that. 

Isolation. More friends translate to more distractions, and this might affect you. Keep a safe distance, avoid most parties, and socialise. The less, the better.

Take exams. Take a series of tests, maybe two or as many as you like; I recommend FIITJEE. Continuous testing helps you train and prepare your mind with Online JEE classes in Kharghar for the JEE standard. If you will be taking your test from home, ensure you find a safe and isolated space in the house to do that. 

End the program before January if it is colder. If you give up, be sure to terminate the program.

Keep a positive attitude. Always see any new topic as an opportunity to learn. Use google and platforms like Wikipedia, where you can find resources and useful contents. This will help you generate interest in the topic and improve your understanding as an engineer.

Physical and mental exercises, such as meditation and yoga. AND FINALLY, THE MOST IMPORTANT:

Watch all the lectures in JEE classes in Kharghar because you have perfect service. It doesn’t make sense, eh.


Excessive stress: The deadliest killer is often seen among JEE students.

Procrastinate. Like tomorrow, put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Go out and have fun.

Too worried. This is the problem most people face. People care so much about teaching / test sets / correspondence / teachers / grades / quality / grades / books / college / friend / girlfriend / food / accommodation / accommodation … you get it … If I said it openly, shut your mouth, open the book and start solving the damn problems !!

You are losing confidence. Your confidence level is essential. Reach out for help if your confidence level is not at best. If you are very confident, please contact me. Just kidding, remember that there may be (there will be) students smarter than you. This is true even if you are an essential member of any institute.

Sleep less / eat less. Engines and machines need rest, how much more the body. Give yourself enough rest and take up to 7 hours of sleep every night. 

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