Pros and Cons of Taking Part Time Degree Courses in Singapore

For people who cannot afford to be full-time students, taking part time degree courses in Singapore is a viable option if they still want to complete their studies. Despite the benefits of being a part time student, there are also disadvantages regarding this kind of lifestyle. Read this article if you want to know more about its pros and cons.

Flexible Schedule

Students taking part time degree courses benefit from having a more flexible schedule due to fewer classes each day. If you have work, you can spend enough time fulfilling your tasks.

Longer Time to Finish the Program

Due to taking fewer credits than being a full-time student, the time you need to complete the program is longer. For example, a part time student taking a supply chain management course in Singapore might have to take an extra semester to accomplish everything, while a full-time student will take less. While it is not a downside when you’re working to financially support yourself, you are at risk of losing motivation to finish your degree, resulting in spending more time in college.

Lower Tuition Fees

If you cannot pay a semester’s worth of tuition, part time degree courses are cheaper as you take fewer credits per semester. While the overall cost is still the same, you can avoid taking a student loan debt as you pay less each semester.

Less Chance to Experience University Life

One of the worst downsides of taking part time degree courses is you are likely to never spend enough time with your classmates to form friendships. Since you spend less time in class than full-time students, you miss out on opportunities to know more about them. You never experience what it means to have a complete university life due to several responsibilities.

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