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5 Activities to Strengthen Your Child’s Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are built quite early on. Children reach out to grab and hold from as early as a few months old and it’s how they learn about the world around them. They won’t be the best at it though. They will be a little clumsy and need practice to strengthen them. We have some ideas on how you can help your child to do this below.

This post was created with the help of a nursery school in St Margarets.


Beading is one way that you can put your child’s fine motor skills to work. They will need the small muscles of their hands and fingers to pinch, grab and hold the beads and feed them through. It’s a task that requires precision so they will also be working on their overall hand eye coordination. The great thing about this activity is that you can do it using everyday household items like wool and pasta. You don’t need to buy a brand-new jewellery making kit. 

Paper Crowns

Paper crowns can also be easily put together with scissors, paper and some glue. Cutting in particular can be tricky so they may need your help to begin with.


Following on the arts and crafts theme, you can also paint with your child. They will need to hold their paint brush, dip it in their paint and make careful brushstrokes to create the design that they’re going for. When painting with your little one, be sure to use paint that’s non-toxic and child safe so that they don’t have an adverse reaction.

Water Play

Another is water play. Water guns and toys of a similar nature require pressing and squeezing. They will exercise the muscles and are a lot of fun to use as you’ll be chasing each other around and trying not to get wet. 

Rice Race

Another one that you can do with everyday household items is a rice race. With bowls and uncooked rice, see who can fill theirs the fastest.


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