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Food and Agriculture – Nutrition and quality 

India’s agricultural and food sector has emerged as one of the largest and fastest-growing food and nutrition markets in the world. Around 2019, the amount of food and nutrition that was exported from India, and was estimated to be 1.6 MMT CWE, which almost values more than $3.5 billion. According to various leading stats of Agricultural research, it says that, the demand for food and nutrition and agriculture products will result in higher levels of compound feed consumption, increasing the total production in India up to 30+ million tonnes by 2022.

In the agricultural and food sector, India is known as one of the largest food producers globally and their quality. Thus, certain certifications are made mandatory by Agricultural research to reach the desired levels of food quality.

  • FAMI-QS certification is especially for the manufactures so that people will be conscious of the additives and pre-mixes for food and nutrition. Control quality criteria in the case of agriculture and feedstuff contain, Ingredient quality, Process control, finished feed quality, control of toxic substances like pathogenic micro-organisms as the 4 major components.
  • GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practices Plus) certification especially focuses on the standard of animal nutrition controlling production processes and ingredients. It is mainly quality control of raw materials and finished products, internal control during storage, and internal control, during production.

The total size of the agriculture and food market in India will amount to the worth of more than 500 billion by 2022. There are various raw materials and numerous processed and semi-processed products that contribute to the livestock of the food and nutrition industry, helping us to achieve a huge market size.

The Food and Agriculture industry has become an integral part of today’s time. Even after this, people often wonder what the future scope of the industry is.

A lot of public concern and involvement is observed regarding the protection of agriculture and foodstuff. Thus, all the regulatory bodies within the sector are attempting to come up with new ways and enhancements within the food agriculture and nutrition practices in the future days.

Due to the large demand for Food and Nutrition, many new separate livestock policies are been formulated specializing in higher levels of overall productivity. After these steps are taken stats say that there will be significant increases within the next 5 years, taking the Food and Nutrition industry to new levels of achievements.

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