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How Can You Choose The Right Wooden Toy For Kid’s Playtime?

Wooden toys are an amazing choice for kids. They can beat plastic any day with their superb durability, bright color, and assured safety. Children have a habit of throwing their toys or anything new that is given to them. With its durable quality, that will no longer pertain to be a problem. The color pop quality usually attracts a child, no matter what age group they belong from, and retains their attention for a long period. Unlike plastics, wooden toys are bereft of any toxic materials; thus, it poses no threat to the children.

Separating Toys According To Different Age Groups

As a baby grows into a toddler or a pre-schooler, their curiosity also grows. Therefore, what seemed interesting to a baby might not intrigue a pre-schooler.

For wooden shape sorter (บล็อคหยอดไม้, which is the term in Thai), seems to be a perfect toy for a baby to play with. It contains objects in different shapes and the baby is supposed to put them through the holes that resemble the shapes of each object.

Any toy that makes a sound or does something unusual to a baby, keeps them glued to that very thing. Every time the object hits the ground, it makes a noise which further excites the baby.

Apart from that, a wooden shape sorter also helps a baby to distinguish amongst different shapes. Thus, it also serves an educational purpose while keeping the baby occupied.

For Pre-Schoolers And Toddlers

A busy zoo wooden activity box (กล่องกิจกรรมไม้ busy zoo, term in Thai) is an excellent choice for babies. Not only is it colorful but it also contains several sections that can act as an educational tool to a pre-schooler or a toddler.  It is hard to retain their attention while teaching them something but this toy can change that.

A busy zoo wooden activity box will help them understand different aspects of the animal kingdom in a playful manner. In this way, they got a good understanding of the animals while having a good playtime.

Different Types Of Wooden Toys

While there is a wide variety of toys you can choose from, these two are the most preferred by parents worldwide.

·        Playsets

Playsets help children develop motor skills, verbalization while assisting them in differentiating amongst animals.

·        Puzzles

Puzzles are known to intrigue a child even more since they gradually evolve a logic of space, time, and order with this kind of toy.

Wooden toys are colorful, they are safe to play and surely your kids will love them. Not just that, but you could easily gift wooden toys to kids of your loved ones and store such toys as they can last a lifetime. Also, make sure you are taking good care of the toys otherwise they might dry out and decay. Using bee wax butter is a great option for parents to try out.

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