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Prepare Your Kids For Online Learning

This pandemic has taken remote online learning to the next level. Everyone needed to adjust, not only the kids but the parents as well as they will be the second teacher at home. 

This can be very challenging for anyone and needless to say, sitting all day in front of a screen can be boring and of course, draining. So your kids may lose focus or find the setup not really fun. 

Here are some tips for parents who want to make the most out of a difficult situation and how you can prepare your kids for remote learning on some accredited online schools Walla Walla

Establish the right environment.

A lot of us most especially, students, have learned this the hard way last year. Not equipped with a dedicated space for studying is really difficult. This area should not have any possible distractions like toys or comic books. You also need to make sure it is not near any tv at all. A quiet spot is best but if that’s not possible within your are, have them use headphones. Keep all their school materials at hand and encourage them to think of their study space as the classroom even though they can only see their classmates on screen.

Reward good habits – they deserve it! 

While your kids are growing up, you definitely want them to build good patterns that they’ll naturally fall into. That’s why it’s important to have a reward system at home. Understand how your child thinks and works and nudge them towards the right direction with rewards for their accomplishments, even the little ones. Building the right habits helps get your kids ready for school the right way while they are still remote learning. 

Let them have a break and get in some playtime.

Kids need physical play and experimentation to get their brain going and minds working. Prepare something that you know they will enjoy during their free time –  could be painting, biking, or even designing an obstacle course in your living room. This will give your child something to look forward to and helps them get through the not-so-pleasant parts of school every single day.

As mentioned above, there are ways of making the journey less stressful and more enjoyable. At the end of the day, learning should be enjoyable – both for you and for your child.


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