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The Benefits of Journaling for Children

We all have our own ways of doing things and some like keeping a journal. It can have great benefits, especially for children as it can help them where their education is concerned. The reason as to why many keep a journal is because they are good for staying organised. Once you have something written down, you will be able to refer back to it and hopefully not forget. According to research, goals that are written down are more likely to be achieved for this reason. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of journaling and how it can be useful for children, keep reading.

Mental Health

Mental health is something that we should all take care of in addition to our physical health. Children are no different and can struggle where it’s concerned as there are many changes that they go through. Journaling gives them an outlet where they can express themselves and how they’re feeling. Writing about these confusing feelings can help with understanding them and offer perspective.


Children develop their fine motor skills in their early years, and they continually develop with practice. Writing on a regular basis can strengthen these particular skills and improve their handwriting. This can help to make their work more understandable for you, their teachers and themselves when they revisit their notes.


As well as the legibility of their writing, your child’s SPAG may also improve. SPAG stands for spelling, punctuation and grammar and can help with the overall quality of their writing. This is key for producing writing that’s clear and understandable.

Creative Expression

They can also explore their creative side by using their journal as a place to note down and expand on their ideas.

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