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Ultimate tips to crack JEE mains in one go

 JEE exam is held for candidates aspiring to pursue a career in technical studies, i.e., engineering. It is a gateway to some of the prestigious engineering colleges, and the ones who qualify for the examination will be able to seek admission to these top institutes. NTA holds the examination. The JEE Main Syllabus for paper one consists of three different subjects Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

Following are some tips to crack JEE mains in one go-

  1. Use the right books

Using the right kind of books is very important as this is where the crux of the situation lies. These books are recommended by people that are experts in this field. However, you will stumble across many other books that you can refer to, to gain good knowledge about all the core concepts. The student should also check all the necessary details in the JEE main syllabus, such as the concepts, course objectives, essential tips, and reference books.

  1. Understand the JEE main exam pattern

The foremost task you should get done is that during the preparation for Joint Entrance Exam, you ought to learn about the exam pattern. After learning, you should also understand it and plan to achieve the rank or result you aspire to get. The JEE main syllabus is very vast, and students are likely to get paranoid. However, it is advised to start the preparation well in advance.

  1. Attempt multiple mock tests.

These practice tests will help you immensely to get acquainted with the real-time exam scenario. The exams are being conducted on a computer. The mock tests will help you enhance your time management skills as it is one factor that matters the most, as the questions are very tricky, and there is limited time in the hands of the students.

  1. Subject-wise preparation

Math is one such subject that requires prompt problem-solving skills, and you have to be efficient at it. Physics is one such subject that demands an in-depth understanding of all the core concepts, and you should avoid rote learning when it comes to Physics. Chemistry is one such subject that involves a lot of equations, mechanisms, and reactions, and the student should dedicate enough time to this subject.

  1. You should try spending more amount of time on topics that are complicated.

There are certain areas where the students are pro and certain areas where they lag. It is imperative to work on all the areas they are lagging in and to get hold of any concept, they should practice regularly and stay updated. They should not skip any topic and note all the formulas, pointers, and important chapters. The students should also see that they resolve their doubts before giving the mock tests.

  1. Prepare a timetable and stick to it.

JEE is one such exam that requires a lot of preparation, and the students need to set a crucial plan as it will help them organize and distribute things accordingly. Consistency is the only key, and the students should prepare a timetable they will diligently follow.

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