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10 best features every Campus ERP should have

Globally, educational institutions are discovering innovative ways to give students a better educational experience. The constant observation of every aspect of these undertakings’ functioning is crucial to their success. Advanced campus management systems are essential since it is difficult to create the necessary control with the manual handling of operations. However, not every enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can deliver the expected outcomes and behave as intended. This increases the need for educational institutions to deploy management software that has the characteristics necessary to sustain efficient operations inside the campus.

What is Campus ERP?

Campus administration is not easy. Every component of management must be kept up-to-date, and every significant department must completely and effectively run within your authority. For all of its data, transactions, and operations, every campus requires a management system. A campus ERP system is a piece of computer software that stores, manages, and controls data. Along with preserving clarity, it also contributes to easier operations and greater internal communication. For instance, a campus’s ERP system will handle student data management. This might consist of admission management, student fees paid and unpaid, attendance, homework and assignments, online exams, grade management, and more.

Why is Campus ERP important?

The campus ERP system will assist in simplifying all processes within the campus limits. It sounds wonderful to have a single platform where all of the objectives of each department may be incorporated. Modern ERP software may assist school employees in quickly and efficiently recording increasing amounts of data and other transactions without having to go from one location to another. Usually, it is divided into separate portions for educators, executives, parents, and students. Both parents and instructors benefit from campus ERP software.

Essential Elements of an ERP System for Campuses:

  • Fees Management and Accounting

It is laborious to manage the costs and finances of campuses. The fees management and accounting function must be included in the campus ERP system. This makes it easier to quickly monitor and supervise and keep track of revenue and cost.

  • Admissions control

The ERP system automatically stores the information related to enrolment and admission. Name, DOB, address, parent information, course and fee details, health information, etc. are among the details saved. Every pertinent student-related detail for each year is accurately stored in this module so that all interested parties may access the information anytime they need to.

  • Online Classroom

The pandemic has made online lectures and lessons the only thing on the agenda. The learning method has been moved to online classroom technologies like Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams at almost every campus. More than 170 million people use Google workplace for education, including both students and instructors. Consequently, a campus ERP system must be integrated with online learning resources.

Exams play a significant role in every educational institution. The labour may get tiresome if they are not properly handled. The management of tests, including the administration of online exams, their grading procedures, and organising according to a merit list, should be an element of college ERP systems. Additionally, it should be able to safeguard the exam papers and manage the timetable.

  • Online assessments

The teachers may become weary of keeping track of every detail concerning the children. The grading and ticketing of students based on performance should be automated by the campus ERP. Additionally, the attendance data should be included with this score.

  • Distance Learning

You ought to have access to the university management at all times and from any location. With cloud-based accessibility, the complete ERP system may be viewed online from any location.

The campus ERP system must not only meet the needs of the professors and students but also those of the parents of those kids. It must have a function that allows parents to use a portal to review and keep track of their children’s academic progress.

  • Attendance control

A paper attendance record or on-paper attendance is no longer necessary. Teachers’ workloads will be reduced by the ERP system’s attendance management capabilities. The students who are ineligible to take a test owing to low attendance will be listed by the attendance software.

Both the new online programmes and the traditional offline classrooms have trouble keeping pupils. In fact, it might be harder to keep students interested in online programmes. The college ERP should be able to connect and provide students with tests and polls. This will maintain the class environment exciting and keep the student’s attention throughout the lesson.

  • Student Services:

The integrated student portal in next-generation campus management software serves as a crucial entry point for students to quickly and conveniently access information about their courses, grades, fee payments, and other announcements.

Everything that is laborious must be automated by the campus ERP system to make things simpler for management. All the elements that we have just covered are included in a competent campus ERP system like Camu. Online tests, virtual classrooms, admissions management, grade management, and many more things fall under this. Camu uses technology to assist colleges to achieve their academic objectives. Our top-notch cloud-based technology not only supports more contemporary learning styles but also effectively and efficiently streamlines academic and administrative procedures assisting students in achieving their professional objectives.

Modules from Camu are available with functionality for each university department.

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