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Skills you must check before hiring a data scientist

Best data science course in Bangalore has spread its web all over the corporate world. It is the next big thing in the market. More number of industries and companies are looking to hire skilled data scientists for their complex data tasks. However, not many companies are confident in hiring them as they are unaware of the skills that they must check in a data scientist.

You may take his interview, but unless you what type of person fit to solve your company’s challenging and complex data, it would be difficult in decision-making. After all, these are highly paid positions and you cannot simply hire anyone randomly. Check out these skills that a data scientist must carry with him when he is thinking of giving an interview to your company.

Skills you must check before hiring a data scientist:

  1. Have set expectations:

Find out the reason why you need a data scientist. You don’t need to have someone who is highly trained in handling larger data sheets. If your business is a small scale, you may look for someone who may just be of support to you in handling day to day data. Once you are clear of what you expect, it would be easier to put it on the table during the interview.

  1. Understand your tasks:

Unless you understand your tasks well, you won’t be able to decide what type of data science professional are you looking for. Some experts may have experience in machine learning; some may be great at designing and coding, whereas some data scientists are excelled at NLP (Natural Language Processing). Some are purely generalists. You need to choose someone who can help solve your tasks respectively.

  1. Education and qualification:

Education is one thing to look at and work experience is another. If you are looking for fresher who have covered the entire data science course syllabus then you will have to specify the same. If your business requirements are critical similar to that of artificial intelligence team, you will need someone who brings along years of experience with him.

Some more skills that a data scientist expert must have are communication skills, decision-making skills, presentation skills, machine learning skills, knowledge of analytics, and more…

Fortunately, we have many data science course centres that can help you find the right candidate. Some even have tie ups with big firms to provide the manpower based on their skills and performances.

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