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AHA CPR Courses And The Benefits Of Doing Them

CPR, or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, is a first-aid technique used to help victims whose hearts have stopped or whose breathing has become difficult.  Individuals experiencing sudden cardiac arrests or strokes must receive CPR immediately to avoid severe brain and heart damage, as well as death.  However, CPR should be administered by someone who has taken AHA CPR courses ie knows basic life support (BLS) or has a First Aid certificate.

BLS And CPR Techniques

CPR uses techniques such as chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to help restore breathing and blood circulation to the heart.  Several hundred chest compressions are administered to assist the heart in pumping blood.  These compressions are administered alternately with mouth-to-mouth breathing or assisted breathing.  This procedure aids in the restoration of breathing by pumping air into the victim’s mouth and lungs.

CPR has some major advantages:

  • It assists in stabilising the patient until proper medical treatment can be administered, slows down tissue damage and helps reduce permanent damage to the brain and/or heart.
  • Chest compressions in CPR mimic the heart’s function of pumping blood when breathing is difficult or painful.
  • When performed correctly by a trained BLS healthcare provider, and at the appropriate time, CPR can literally save a person’s life.

Because CPR is a life-saving technique, an increasing number of people are enrolling in AHA BLS healthcare provider classes to learn the proper procedure for administering the techniques.  These people aren’t necessarily licensed healthcare workers.  Many of them are just ordinary people who are involved in healthcare at some level and want to take their CPR training further than that offered by a First Aid certificate.  They feel that that the more specific training will boost their confidence and give them greater assurance in the event of an emergency.  The Internet has made this much easier for them by allowing people to take online AHA CPR courses when and where convenient for them.

Advantages Of Online AHA BLS Healthcare Provider And CPR Training

Whilst healthcare organisations do offer classroom-based CPR classes, a number of organisations and training centers provide online AHA CPR courses.  These affordable alternatives are much more accessible and convenient for working people.  You can complete them online in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  The schedules are flexible, and you can do the coursework when it is convenient for you.  There is however an exam at the end of the course.  Once you pass this, you will receive your certificate.

As a certified BLS healthcare provider you will be kept informed about changes and updates to relevant procedures.  There are also reputable websites where you can find this information yourself.  You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you know how to help someone else and possibly save their life.

Finally, make sure that the training provider you choose is reputable, their courses are accredited, and that their trainers for in-person sessions are likewise accredited and up to date with their own training.  After all, incorrect techniques can cause further harm to the person you’re administering them to.

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