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Helping Your Child Learn a New Language

There are many reasons why learning a second (or third) language is beneficial for children. It can help them to embrace new customs and cultures and can potentially open up new opportunities for them in terms of travel and their future career. Most schools in the UK offer modern foreign language lessons as part of their curriculum, and there are ways you can help your child with their learning at home. Here are some tips from a primary school in Gerrards Cross.

Encourage Frequent Practise

When learning something new, practising little and often is the best approach. If your child spends a couple of hours once a week learning their new language, they will forget much of what they have learned by the following week. On the other hand, if they practise for half an hour every day, it’s more likely to sink in.

Use Technology

There are lots of online games and apps that can help with language comprehension, so be sure to look into this. Other options when it comes to technology are foreign movies and music. The more exposure your child has to the language, the easier it will be for them to learn.

Label Everything

Speaking of exposure, labelling items around your house is another good idea. Your child will see these labels several times a day which will help them develop their vocabulary. Eventually they will be able to use these new nouns within full sentences. 

Use Flash Cards

Write words and phrases in English on one side of the card and in the target language on the other. Hold the card up to your child and ask them to translate. Keep practising this until they don’t get any wrong, then write some new cards. 

Start Soon!

There’s no time like the present to start something like this, no matter your child’s age. The sooner they start practising, the quicker they will become fluent in the target language.

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