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Exploring STEM Subjects with Your Child

Your little one will have a lot to ask about that all relate to STEM and how it will give them an understanding of the world and the way it all works together. Children ask plenty of questions in passing, and a lot of them will relate to STEM. To explore a range of STEM subjects, here are some top tips and activities to try from this private school in Hertfordshire.

Make a cloud in a jar

To do this, you’ll need water and hairspray targeted in a jar to show children how condensation works within the jar to make little clouds. It also shows your child how the water cycle works from above, and gives them a wider understanding of how rain evaporates and forms clouds.

Use building blocks and coding

Coding is a big thing happening in the world of STEM, and it’s great to get your child involved within it. Give your child a range of building blocks to explore, and print off online material that will allow them to line up codes with making mazes. Lego does this well with their own free resources for kids to try.

Bake a cake

A cake involves lots of different factors, like balancing the right amount of ingredients and binding the mix together well and laying them out in a cake tin or muffin cases. Then comes the challenge of making sure the cake(s) are set properly and cooked well in the oven. This involves a lot of science and maths, as well as testing your child’s decision making and critical thinking skills.

Connect skewers and marshmallows

This is both a good treat for a child while also showing them how different textures and shapes work when assembled. You could test your child in making a house or a structure that can be held upright, understanding the sticky yet soft texture of marshmallows. And they get a treat afterwards!




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